September 28, 2010

JAXB & Collection Properties

In this post will examine the different options JAXB offers for representing collections in XML.  We will look at the following annotations:
  • @XmlElement
  • @XmlElementWrapper
  • @XmlList
  • @XmlList and @XmlAttribute
  • @XmlList and @XmlValue

JAXB & XML Infoset Preservation

In this post we will discuss how to use JAXB to preserve the XML Infoset. 

September 13, 2010

XPath Based Mapping - Geocode Example

In a previous post I introduced MOXy's XPath based mapping JAXB extension.  In this post I'll use Google Maps Geocoding API V2 to demonstrate how powerful this extension is.

September 10, 2010

Processing Atom Feeds with SDO

Service Data Objects (SDO) is a Java standard (JSR-235) that can be used to process XML.  In this post we will compare SDO to JAXB by processing an Atom feed.

September 8, 2010

Processing Atom Feeds with JAXB

Atom is an XML format for representing web feeds.  A standard format allows reader applications to display feeds from different sources.  In this example we will process the Atom feed for this blog.