August 26, 2010

EclipseLink 2.1.1 Patch Set Released

The first patch set for the EclipseLink 2.1 stream is now available.  EclipseLink 2.1.1 can be downloaded here:

The following XML binding layer bugs were fixed:

Notable Bugs Fixed

Bug 316014 - Tweak MOXy's XMLStreamWriterRecord to work with Jettison's JSON/StAX support 

With this fix you can use MOXy in Jersey to produce both XML and JSON messages, simply annotate your JAX-RS methods like:

@Produces({"application/xml", "application/json"})
public Customer read(@PathParam("id") KeyType id) {
    return entityManager.find(Customer.class, id);

Bug 320513 - Interfaces unneccessarily excluded from annotation processing

This fix enables you to map to interfaces as well as classes.  For an example check out the following:

Bug 317334 - Dynamic JAXB - Problem with List Properties

In EclipseLink 2.1 we added a new feature "Dynamic JAXB".  Dynamic JAXB allows you to interact with XML using generic objects instead of classes.  In this patch set we have addressed some issues specifically related to collection properties.  For more information see:

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